October 12 2021 | The Biafra Restoration Voice It is with great pains, as victims of terrorism, torture, torment, trauma, oppression, Supp...


October 12 2021 | The Biafra Restoration Voice

It is with great pains, as victims of terrorism, torture, torment, trauma, oppression, Suppression, marginalization, (if not total exclusion), and genocidal vulnerability, that we Biafrans write this rejoinder to the inciteful article by #Prof_Ivan_Sascha_Sheehan, which deliberately aimed at turning the world against Biafrans, who are already victims of the British-Fulani genocide, for unmitigated terroristic and genocidal extermination.

We Biafrans felt greatly dismayed, appalled, distraught, and distressed when we came across an article published in Washington Times, said to be written by Prof Ivan Sascha Sheehan, on the need to designate IPOB as a terrorist group.

Not only was it an embarrassment to have such a demeaning article to be associated with the name of a professor, but equally dangerous, with regards to the career, reputation, and relevance of the professor in the days ahead.

From the little we know, before anyone can be honoured with the title of Professor, it is believed that such a person is well grounded and rooted in academic exploits, as well as acquiring versatility in terms of probes and enquiries in compounded and complicated subjects. (As early as secondary school days, students are introduced to the rudiments of conducting enquiries into abstract and hypothetical matters).

It is from this prism that we felt disappointed, embarrassed, and disgraced on behalf of Ivan Sascha Sheehan, who not only parades himself as a PhD holder, but equally a Professor of an institution that we Biafrans had before now held in high esteem.

In this response therefore, we must start by telling Ivan Sascha Sheehan emphatically, categorically, and without equivocation, that the said article that was published with/in his name, in The Washington Times, was certainly not authored by him.

The article was handed over to him, to be published under his name, by the British genocidists, who cloaked themselves as lobbyists. It was because of the humongous, mouth-watering, and of course, irresistible monetary inducement that accompanied the offer that Ivan Sascha Sheehan, who has been claiming to be an expert in terrorism issues, succumbed to the lure of filthy lucre, which the blood money offered to him from Nigeria represented, at the cost of his reputation, that of his institution, and that of Washington Times, without even giving any consideration to promising career.

If, for any reason, Ivan Sascha Sheehan did not receive this carthis mortifying article directly from the British genocidists parading themselves as lobbyists, then, certainly, he received it from the agents of Garba Shehu and his fellow gangsters and terrorists at Aso Rock, (called Nigerian government), who have been dying in instalments, under the asphyxiating diplomatic fireworks of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB.

But in the unlikely event that this article was authored by a person that claims to have obtained PhD, and is addressed as a professor, then, we will not have any other option than to conclude the Prof Ivan Sascha Sheehan is deliberately committing a career suicide, knowing that disastrous consequences of his genocidal incitement against Biafrans are not just catastrophic, but equally indelible.

Why we feel great pity for Ivan Sascha Sheehan is that he has unwittingly positioned himself for the calamity of Esau, despite the glaring warning that is in no way concealed or disguised, as stated in Hebrews 12:16-17 thus, "Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birth right. For ye know how that afterward, when he would have inherited the blessing, he was rejected: for he found no place of repentance, though he sought it carefully with tears", yet this man, Prof Ivan Sascha Sheehan, made himself a victim of this eternal curse.

The profanity demonstrated by this professor can be said to be worse than that of Esau, since Esau did not have the benefit of the forewarning that is available to Prof Ivan. However, like Esau, he has attracted the calamity of rejection, by reason of selling his career and reputation for the crumbs that he received from the agents of British-Fulani Nigeria.

Before we conclude (although this response will continue to come in series), we would like to draw the attention of Ivan Sascha Sheehan to a few things which would certainly help him to see his connivance with terrorists, his innocent ignorance, his moronic vacuity, or his imbecilic infantilism.

First, we would like to ask Ivan whether he has heard about SELF DETERMINATION?
  • What does he know about Self Determination?
  • What are the qualifying factors that constitute the precursor to self-determination?
  • What is the evil in self-determination?
  • Is self-determination a part of the UN CHARTER?
  • Under what conditions will a people seek self-determination?

Again, with the answers to the above questions in mind, we will further ask Ivan Sascha Sheehan whether he has actually heard about Biafra?
  • What does Ivan know about Biafra, in relationship to Britain, #1914_amalgamation, and the creation of Nigeria?
  • Does Ivan know that the so-called amalgamation was a fusing of contradictory, incompatible, if not parallel ideologies of Islamism and Judeo-Christianity?
  • Does Ivan know that Britain, by that amalgamation, deliberately positioned the Islamic terrorists of Northern Nigeria to be the British weapon of extermination of the Judeo-Christian Biafrans, whom Britain found indomitable from all accounts?

Does this Prof Ivan know that since the so-called amalgamation, Britain has been using the Muslim North of Nigeria, to commit various degrees of genocide against Biafrans, which was most pronounced in 1967-70? Does Ivan Sascha Sheehan know that between 1967-70, that Britain used Nigeria as a cover, to murder over 6 million Biafrans in the genocide against Biafrans that Britain bamboozled the world to address as a Civil War?

Does Ivan know that when that genocide was suspended in 1970, that Britain confiscated the vast OIL AND GAS wealth of Biafra, under the cover of One Nigeria, and that Britain has retained the control of that oil and gas wealth up to this moment?

Does Ivan know that it is the fear of losing the control of Biafra's OIL AND GAS that has been making Britain to devise every form of cruelty, falsehood, and propaganda against Biafrans, so that Biafrans can be painted in black colours, as to make Biafrans be seen as devils, and probably be stampeded out of their genuine and legitimate quest for Self Determination through a referendum?

Does Ivan know that Britain, whose economy has depended heavily on the so-called Nigerian oil and gas (which is actually Biafra's oil and gas), stands to be the greatest economic losers, in the event of Biafra's restoration?  This is because Britain feels that the absolute control that she has over their Fulani proxy called Nigerian government, that enables them thug steal as much oil as they like will be lost, as Biafrans will exercise control and bring accountability and transparency to bear, for which Britain is greatly agitated.

(By the way, does Ivan know that it was Britain that brought Christianity to the Biafrans, which Biafrans accepted wholly, but Britain took the same Christianity to the north of Nigeria, and they rejected it absolutely and completely? Does Ivan know that it is the same Muslim north of Nigeria that Britain armed and used to commit genocide against Biafrans, and that that trend has continued up to this moment?)

Does Ivan know that it was by the means of BREXIT REFERENDUM that Britain left the EU? Does Ivan Sascha Sheehan know that Biafrans have been calling for a REFERENDUM to enable them determine BIAFRA EXIT in Nigeria, but Britain, being the colonial masters of Nigeria, and the potential greatest economic losers, by reason of their attachment to Biafra's OIL AND GAS, have vehemently, doggedly, and persistently opposed everything about referendum for Biafra?

Has Ivan heard about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Radio Biafra, and IPOB? What connections do these names have for him? What information do they convey to him? May I tell Ivan that these are the names that evoke nightmare in the Nigerian and British establishments, for which Britain and Nigeria have been doing even the unimaginable to demonize and discredit them.

Ivan, if there is nothing else as an evidence of this assertion, the very fact that you were approached and bribed to have the trash against IPOB published in your name in the Washington Times, by the agents of British and/or Nigerian governments, is enough evidence.

I have seen that Prof Ivan is advocating for Self-Determination for a part of Iran, right?
Does Ivan really know what Self-Determination is? Why does Ivan feel that a part of Iran that is all Islamic deserves it, but Biafrans that are Judeo-Christians, and completely incompatible with Semi Arabic Fulani Muslims, don't deserve SELF-DETERMINATION?

Does Ivan know the difference between arrest and abduction/kidnap? Does Ivan know the difference between extradition and extraordinary rendition? Does Ivan know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Leader of the Biafran nation, was kidnapped/abducted in Kenya, by the British authorities, under the cover of Kenyan government, and an attempt was made to assassinate him (which failed), and he was extraordinarily renditioned (drugged and smuggled) to Nigeria?

Does Ivan know that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is still undergoing torture in the hands of Britain, who are operating with the cloak of Nigerian government?

Do you know that even though Nigerian government charged him to court, they are afraid to bring him to court to face his trial? That is, they are 3frightened to prosecute a defendant in their own court?

Has Ivan heard about the seven deadly terrorist groups operating in Nigeria, four of which are the most deadly in the world? Does Ivan know that all these seven deadly terrorist groups are owned, sponsored, sustained, and remunerated by the Fulani-run Nigerian government, under the supervision of @UKinNigeria?

Does Ivan know that the common goal of all these terror groups in Nigeria is to terrorize Southern Nigeria, (with Biafrans as the primary focus), brutalize and intimidate the southerners, and eventually, execute the long-planned genocide that will displace them by making their ancestral lands handed over to the Fulani, the British favourites, for possession in perpetuity?

Note that it is these terrorists that Britain, through their Fulani proxy called Nigerian government, is providing cover for, by forcing the world to address them as bandits (instead of terrorists), so that the intensity and gravity of their terroristic activities will not be the focus of the world.

I am sure that you must have been hearing about the activities of these terrorists, whom Britain compelled the world to address as bandits, as they have been invading and sacking communities, kidnapping and killing farmers, men, and women, attacking governors, burning homes, kidnapping school children, destroying farms, abducting, raping, and killing young and elderly women, and worst of all, invading Defence Headquarters, Military Academy, and Presidential Villa. These are the terrorists that are sponsored by the government of Nigeria, under the supervision on Britain.

Is Ivan aware that IPOB is registered, recognized, and officially operate in over one hundred countries of the world, including USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, China, Japan, Israel, Portugal, Belgium, Brazil, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, Austria, etc? Does Ivan know that IPOB interacts at diplomatic levels with various governments of the world?

Does Ivan Sascha Sheehan know that IPOB has submitted several petitions to the UN, with regards to her quest for self-determination? Does Ivan know that IPOB has sued the Nigerian government several times at ICC and ICJ for several abuses, and those actions are still pending before the courts?

Is Ivan Sascha Sheehan aware that the reason IPOB sued the American government in the American court is because despite the deafening opprobrium stirred by Nigerian government deployment of their heavy weapons to peaceful Biafra land, and widespread protests for America to desist from selling weapons to Nigeria because of her #SilentSlaughter against Biafrans, America still went ahead to sell the Tucano Fighters to the terrorist Nigerian government, implying that America is complicit in the horrendous genocide against Biafrans?

Why then do you think that Britain would be so desperately in need of a subterfuge personality, with which to push her evil narrative that is as baseless and ridiculous as the one Ivan submitted himself to be used for, thereby making a mockery of himself?

Dear Ivan Sascha Sheehan, in view of the above, you can clearly see that you have submitted yourself for the total destruction of your reputation (if you had any), irredeemable damage to your employers, and equally, to a large extent, dented the image of the Washington Times. All this was because you found the crumbs that were presented to you as mouth-watering as it was irresistible.
With that, you have dragged a number of otherwise respectable personalities with you to the mud.

You certainly know that there are consequences for cheap, baseless, untenable, and unacceptable blackmail, as you are aware that this is exactly what you have done. One of the consequences is that for accepting to be a mouthpiece for the oppressors, terrorists, and killers, so as to twist the facts against the victims, in favour of the propagators of genocidal massacre, the reward is that the misery, bondage, genocidal cruelty, and economic strangulation that you are propagating and disseminating will be your constant companion, and the impact will be in multiples of folds upon you and your household, compared with those against whom you are promoting the said evils.

Another consequence is that as monetary reward was your primary concern, like your model Judas, you will never have the benefit of that money, for which you are propagating genocide against victims of British-Fulani terrorism. Like Judas, you will end up in suicide, either literal suicide, or career suicide.

This is just PART 1 of this response, as we have told you that we are going to bring the response in series.


Written by:
Okwunna Okongwu (@biafra4ever)
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: The Biafra Restoration Voice - TBRV

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